Beverage and Small Ancillery Equipment

  • Spiral Mixer

    Automatc dough mixer with a dough hoo and central mixing spindle. 20ltr.
    Price: From £745 + VAT

  • Legend S12 Mincer

    Perfect blender for restaurants, hotels, butchers and cafes. Made from high grade stainless steel. Simple to use and operate.
    Price: From £438 + VAT

  • SHARP R22AT 1500W

    Touch controls with 20 presets. 11 power levels. Express defrost. Double quantity. Countercheck. Extra menu. Twin stirrers. Stackable.
    Price: From £549.99 + VAT

  • Lincat Boiler E233F

    Automatic Water Boiler
    Price: From £330.40 + VAT

  • IMC Potato Peeler SP12

    Automatic potato peeler.
    Price: From £1986 + VAT

  • DualT DB4S 4 Bread

    Industrial toaster with an output of 130 slices per hour. 2.2kw. Timer. chrome and white finish. 28mm slots. Proheat elements with 2 years warrenty.
    Price: From £149 + VAT

  • Dry heat bains marie

    Dry heat bains marie. 0.75kw, 20wt. model no B54
    Price: From £226.80 + VAT

  • SHARP R21AT 1000W

    Touch controls with 20 presets. 11 power levels. Unique express defrost. Double quantity facility. Countercheck. Extra menu feature. Stackable.
    Price: From £279 + VAT

  • RobotCoupe R101 1.9L

    450w motor - 1500rpm. Polycarbonate bowl, s/s blade & veg slicer lid. 2mm slicer & 2mm grater. Up to 15 covers and includes on site warrenty.
    Price: From £395 + VAT

  • Maestrowave MEMT16000X

    Cast iron ribbed top and bottom plates, perfect for paninis and bread items. Counterbalanced. Workshop warrenty.o
    Price: From £255.50 + VAT

  • IMC Chipper PC2

    Automated chipper for turning potatoes into chips.
    Price: From £1852 + VAT

  • Handheld Stick Blender

    Handheld blender for whisking or blending. Simply change the end to suit your cooking requirements.
    Price: From £265 + VAT

  • Lincat Griddle

    Machine steel plate griddle. Model no S56. 600x600mm
    Price: From £369.95 + VAT